Waiting for the train in New York

Here is a video by Christopher Hertz. The video was filmed while Christopher was waiting for a train in New York.


We have to write about how waiting for a train in New York is different to waiting for the school bus?

I catch the school bus into school three days a week. Five people catch the bus at our stop and it is quiet compared to what it would be like catching a train in New York because it would be noisey with people playing music and lots of people talking while waiting for the train.

At the train station it would be really busy with lots of traffic. At our bus stop we don’t see many cars go past. On the bus we have our own space to sit and we have lots of room, where on a train it would be really busy and most days you would be sitting in a different seat, on a train it also can get really crowded with people standing and rubbing shoulders with people they don’t know.

It sometimes gets boring at our bus stop waiting for the bus where waiting for a train in New York it looks like you will always have some type of entertainment.

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