Link-up with Boston

Today in ICT we had a link up with Mrs Leo’s class from Jackson, Boston, USA. In the virtual classroom we also had two people from Japan and a student teacher from Canada.

My ICT class was asked to take pictures and talk about school, farms, pets or just things we like doing. I talked about a farm, cows, calves, sheep, lambs and shearing. I  was nervous at the start and I found it challenging talking, trying to say what I wanted to say and answer questions at the same time that people wrote in the chat. It felt weird knowing I was talking to my peers as well as people in Boston, Canada and Japan. I really enjoyed this link up and I hope we can do more, like this one.

4 thoughts on “Link-up with Boston

  1. Dear Rachel, thank you for sharing. Reading your blog, my new learners who are reluctant to use Skype could be motivated to connect, collaborate and contribute.

    Thank you very much for sharing your feelings. You do your country proud.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I love the baby lambs and the cows. I lived across from two farms when I was growing up. Most of the cows were black angus cows. I didn’t live on a farm, but when I was little we had 2 pet goats. One was Beasley and the other was Mr. Gregor. We wanted to teach them to walk on a leash but they were very stubborn and preferred standing on two legs to eat our weeping willow trees. Our neighbors were not fond of our goats so we had to bring them back to the farm, but it was fun to have them for a few months. We also had rabbits, ducks and chicks. Of all of the animals, I think that I liked the ducks the best. They would walk in our yard and greet us when we came home from the bus. There aren’ t too many farms in the area that I live in now, but sometimes we go to a state park that is a working farm to walk around and see the farm animals.
    Thanks again for sharing with my students and I. I really appreciated your time and your photos!!

  3. Hi, Thank-you for that nice message. I really enjoy linking up with other people but I was very reluctant at first.

  4. Hi, Lorraine.
    Thank-you for your message. I also really like the baby lambs and calves, but I don’t think I showed a picture of a pet calf. My brother also has a rabbit called Maxi but I didn’t show a picture of him. My favourite pet would have to be the lambs. I really enjoyed sharing the pictures and talking about a farm with you and your students.

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